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At what stage is your hair loss? We have a way to regenerate your hair.

These charts show the most typical progression of male and female genetic hair loss, the hair problem number 1 all over the world. If your condition is between stage 1 and stage 3 A (between I-1 and II-1 for female), we have a way to regenerate your hair and go back up to 2 steps on the scale.


The most effective hair-regeneration system: Hairdreams Stop&Grow

  • 14.000 additional new hairs within the first 90 days*
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What is Stop&Grow?


Hairdreams Stop&Grow is a new anti-hair-loss system developed in cooperation with the world’s leading scientists and dermatologists at the University Lübeck in Germany. It is based on the brand new PHT Complex, the most effective active ingredient against hair loss in the world right now, made of plant-based Phytohormones and Tetra-G-Collagen. Within three months you can gain up to 14.000 additional new hairs*. That’s 7 times more effective than any other active ingredient you’ve heard of before. Using the Micro Scanner, a Stop & Grow expert can diagnose the kind of hair loss a client is facing and recommend the best treatment to counter it. Hairdreams knows how traumatic hair loss can be, as well as how complicated the reasons behind the loss are. We can assure you, you’re in the best of hands. *In-Vitro Study / Clinic of Dermatology at University of Luebeck / Dr. Fischer Ph.D./ 2014