PHT Complex

The power of the Phytohormones combined with the Tetra-G-Collagen, enhanced by active Taurine.

Before and after the use of Stop & Grow with PHT Complex

Why is it so effective?

  • The PHT complex combines the effects of plant derived Phytohormones, Tetra-G-Collagen and Taurine

  • Phytohormones inhibit the hair loss causing hormone DHT. They stimulate the activity of dormant hair roots and the growth of new, healthy hair.

  • Tetra-G-Collagen strengthens the hair roots and prevents hair from falling out prematurely.

  • Taurine activates the micro circulation and intensifies the effects of the other ingredients.
Effect of PHT Complex
How does the PHT Complex work?


For maximum effectivity Stop&Grow is applied with an innovative 2-Phase Application System. The substance is activated immediately before application by adding a “Taurin Booster”.

Effect-Phase (Phase 1):
Phytohormones (plant-based hormones block hair loss-causing DHT and awaken
“resting” hair roots)
Tetra-G-Collagen (anchors hair roots and prevents hair loss)

Booster-Phase (Phase 2):
Taurin-Booster (activates micro-circulation and amplifies the effectiveness of the main active substances)

Stop & Grow effect: Booster- and Effect phase

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